Photoshop CC Features Every Photographer Should Know

Whether you are in the beginner stages of learning how to utilize Photoshop CC or you are someone with more experience, there are a variety of features that everyone should know and master. As a photographer, this software will take your photography to a whole new level if you know which features to use. Here are a few of the features every photographer should know.

Color Lookup Tables
Among the most important basic features every photographer should know how to utilize, is a color lookup table. This is a feature that allows us to mesh all adjustment layers into a single convenient location. This feature is a great one to have cleaner adjustment layers which keep them looking their best.

Selecting Hair
One of the most complicated processes of Adobe Photoshop CC is the selection of hair. This particular feature simplifies the process. Using the calculations tools, it simplifies one of the most complex processes. It’s a completely variable item due to both texture and placement, so it’s very useful for those that are planning on using the feature frequently.

Stacking Face
Another handy feature for photographers, is the simple interface that is used for reshaping and resizing facial features in Photoshop, because it is capable of identifying features and it works to create restrictive bounds in order to allow for a much more realistic process and result.

Selection Movement
The selection movement and transformation feature set feature is useful when it comes to editing photographs. When you select something in Photoshop, it allows you to hold the spacebar while you are selecting it, prior to committing, to it to see if it is exactly what you wanted. Along with this, it allows you to transform the entire selection by changing the scale which can allow you to select a section that was completely different from the standard rectangle option that is usually presented.

Overall, there are plenty of different features that you will find most useful, whether you are a photographer, or if you’re someone who simply wants to master Photoshop. The software itself can help you become a better photographer and help you achieve the kind of results that you are looking for. You simply need to take the time to learn the ins-and-outs and practice each feature to master the processes involved. Get more details about Photoshop CC at

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